Marriage Tour Over but Still on the Road

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So everyone knows that the Summer for Marriage Tour wrapped up and wrapped up with a bang on Sunday the 15th but here I am on Wednesday the 18th and still on the road. Although most of the marriage tour crew has returned to their normal lives and daily routines, I volunteered to drive back down to Georgia to return the equipment we rented for the tour.

That meant a 9-hour, 600-mile trek down to Atlanta with a stop overnight in Pineville, NC. Remember Pineville? I stopped there on the way up to Maine to start the marriage tour and met my cousins for lunch at Olive Garden.

Well, I decided to do the same thing this time and met with my Uncle and one of my cousins for dinner at Applebee's. Olive Garden and Applebee's are my two favorite restaurants.

I had the Chicken Alfredo, my favorite pasta dish. However, the strawberry-lemonade they served was a bit weak in flavor and the one they brought me to replace it was even weaker so I just gave up on the drink at that point.

Logistical issues forced another overnight stay in Atlanta - I was trying to be able to drop off the equipment and get a start on the journey back home all in that same day but I ended up having to spend the night. Not a bad idea anyway, I was pretty tired after two days of less than five hours of sleep. It was great to be able to lie down to sleep before 10:00 PM.

While there, I ate dinner at Stevie B's Pizza. It was good and I even was adventurous with my food. I am usually a pretty simple eater. People say I'm picky but it's not about being picky, it's about wanting everything I eat to be simple. Anyway, I tried a slice of Smore's Pizza. It tasted more like cake than pizza but it was still pretty good and very sweet.

The next day, which is today, I left Atlanta and have been driving since about 10:00 AM. I'm an hour or so south of D.C. right now. I'm going there to return the NOM van and then catch a bus back home to Buffalo with an arrival time of 13:45 tomorrow. That will be the end of my Summer for Marriage travel which began on July 7th.


I have arrived at the Greyhound Bus Terminal in Washington, D.C., purchased my bus ticket for $83 and I am now waiting for the 10:00 pm departure for Buffalo. I am really happy I bought Broadband2Go this morning because now I won't be bored for the next 15 hours until I get home. I also have a Netflix account so I can and probably will be streaming movies. It's going to be great.

UPDATE: (3:04 AM AUGUST 19) 

After nearly five hours on the bus from D.C. I have arrived at the bus terminal in New York City. I'll be here until 5:40 AM when the bus leaves for Buffalo. I was able to get a few hours of sleep on the bus but spent the majority of the time speaking with two girls I met who are visiting the U.S. from Russia on the summer "Work and Travel" program. They live in New York City and were visiting D.C. for the day.


Eva said...

Oh Lou, did you ban me from the onemanonewoman facebook group because I pointed out that someone had made a factual, statistical error? My profile is Eva Kurilova. The last comment I made on there was that someone that was said was incorrect, which the original poster agreed with because he went and posted it again, corrected, all the while telling me my math was wrong. The only time I have come on there lately is to point out errors and misleads. I haven't even come close to debating or saying anything about homosexuality. I even once stated that after reading some people on the group I have come to respect their views more.
You are pathetic. I never called anyone a bigot or any other names. I had completely stopped voicing my opinion and simply started fixing other's mathematical errors. Is this too much for you? God, I can't even begin to describe how sad that is. Of course you have every right to do it, go ahead, it's your page, but it is SAD that you feel like you need to. Why? I didn't say a single derogatory thing to anyone all the while being myself called delusional.
Anyone who feels that they can't even be corrected on the fact that saying "53% of people with AIDS are gay men" IS NOT THE SAME THING AS SAYING "53% of gay men have AIDS" must have extreme, extreme, self-esteem issues.

Anonymous said...

Hehe Eva, you're so right. I had a similar experience. I was called "selfish", "stupid", and "arrogant". I was told that if I went to college, I would be "laughed out of class", and that I should "learn to do math", despite the fact that I have two degrees, I graduated with first class honours, and one of my degrees is in math ;) Then I was blocked.

Anonymous said...

Hey - at least you get to post here (thank you Louis)... On the NOM Blog, all the entries are censored, and they have yet to allow one post of mine to remain. Every so often, they allow a pro-SSM person to post (I guess to make it seem that it is an open and representative forum?). Anyway, thanks again Louis!

amiworking said...

Hi Louis,

For the sake of your health I would advise against Chicken Alfredo. It is one of the most unhealthy dishes you can eat. It is tasty, but I wouldn't make a habit of it.



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