Study: Gay penguins not so gay after all

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An article published by BBC Earth News today cites the first scientific study that looks into the homosexual tendencies of penguins and concluded that some penguins merely "flirt" with homosexuality.

The occurrence of homosexuality, the scientists conclude, is the result of a high male population or higher-than-normal levels of testosterone. What's more - the scientists claim the homosexual pairs formed between the penguins are not long lasting - something interestingly similar to homosexual pairs formed between human beings.

One of the researchers, Professor Dobson explained:

So these [homosexual] pairs can bond. But, bonded pairs can split up if one finds a more preferred partner.

That's interesting because nobody refutes that people involved in the homosexual lifestyle are among the most promiscuous people in the world. For example, gay author Gabriel Rotello wrote:

"Let me simply say that I have no moral objection to promiscuity...I enjoyed the '70's, I didn't think there was anything morally wrong with the lifestyle of the baths. I believe that for many people, promiscuity can be meaningful, liberating and fun."

If only penguins could speak.

Homosexual activists often take the position that, because homosexuality occurs in nature that homosexuality is natural part of life. They use this as a talking point in the effort to mainstream their deviant sexual lifestyle which they are working to force upon an unwilling society. They, not me, compare gay and lesbian human beings to members of the animal kingdom.

I use their own comparison to demonstrate that, as the study demonstrated, the homosexuality members of the LGBT community compare themselves to is short-lived, has nothing to do with family and most importantly, the homosexual pairs were observed later on paired with a member of the opposite sex raising eggs in the breeding colony.

The bottom line is that the 'gay' penguin pairs do not stay together and in fact, return to a heterosexual lifestyle centered upon breeding and raising the next generation of penguins.

The LGBT community was so excited to see two 'gay' penguins hatch and raise a baby penguin back in 2005. We shall see their reaction to this scientific study. My guess is that the LGBT community will throw the penguins under the bus. It's won't be pretty.

So what's the point? The point is that gay and lesbians ought to be free to live the sexual lifestyle of their preference. They ought not to be treated differently because of their preferences. But when it comes to redefining marriage for the entire society, that's another matter.

Homosexuality has nothing to do with family and child-rearing, something at the very core of marriage. A piece of advice for the homosexual community:  Stop comparing yourselves to animals. It is precisely the ability of human beings to understand the difference between right and wrong, paired with our conscience, which makes us unique from the members of the greater animal kingdom.


JT said...

Because everyone knows, Louis, that heterosexual couples mate for life, right? There's no such thing as divorce in the heterosexual world of marriage. Oh, wait, that's right. Heterosexual marriages split up in the United States nearly, what is it, 50% of the time.

Please remember your words when you want to talk about splitting up. "It is precisely the ability of human beings to understand the difference between right and wrong, paired with our conscience, which makes us unique from the members of the greater animal kingdome."

The truth of the matter is this: Human beings get together for all sorts of reasons, attraction being one of the biggest. Those pairings may last an entire lifetime or they may not. But just because those pairings are not opposite sex pairings is no reason for you or those of your ilk to say that those pairings are abnormal or not equal. They are. And having children is NOT the ONLY reason for those pairings. How many times do you need to have that said before you get it???

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