Today's serving of the homosexual agenda (now eat it or we'll shove it down your throat)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

This is one of the leading gay rights
organizations in America and has been
on the attack lately. When will they be
open about their real agenda?

Ask a homosexual activist what the homosexual agenda is all about and you'll receive some bumper sticker slogans or if you're lucky, perhaps some talking points carefully crafted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). You may even get a non-answer, which denies the existence of the homosexual agenda altogether. All in all, you'll get a fluffy, feel-good answer that in of itself paints benign the homosexual agenda. 

One thing you're sure to hear is about how gays and lesbians just want to have a family, marry the person they are in love with and be with that person until death do them part. This is an example of one of those talking points, crafted in the image of what heterosexuals say about marriage, in order to portray homosexuals as no different. 

I should be looking over my shoulder from now on - I just inferred that homosexuals are different than heterosexuals, a big no-no in the LGBT community. In fact what I said was completely accurate and any rational person would agree. Homosexuals are different than heterosexuals in that they prefer in engage in sexual activities with a person of the same sex. That is a fundamental difference. 

That is not to say that homosexuals are any less human - or any less American. But to deny that fundamental difference is ridiculous. That fundamental difference in of itself does not necessarily warrant any different treatment of homosexuals, either. 

Now I know that I am often critical of the homosexual lifestyle. There are aspects of that lifestyle that are indeed worthy of criticism which I don't seek to get fully into now. Furthermore, the people that make up the homosexual community are to blame for that which ought to be criticized. Promiscuity, for example, is a controllable behavior which remains largely uncontrolled within the homosexual community. 

It is this promiscuity that is largely to blame for the higher-than-average, growing number of gay men who are HIV-positive. Many heterosexuals are also promiscuous but heterosexual promiscuity doesn't spread one of the world's most deadly deceases in the same way. A recent report from the Centers for Decease Control documented that 1-in-5 gay men were HIV positive. 

The promiscuity doesn't stop when gays and lesbians are provided with access to marriage, either. You'll often hear a talking-point rebuttal to criticism of homosexual promiscuity that suggests if gays and lesbians had the opportunity to marry each other, they would be more monogamous. A January 2010 headline printed in the New York Times reads: "Many Gay Marriages Share an Open Secret" and the article goes on to explain that secret.

A study to be released next month is offering a rare glimpse inside gay relationships and reveals that monogamy is not a central feature for many.
One thing you're certain not to hear from the homosexual activist is anything about how his (or her) agenda, if they haven't already denied the existence of it, will impact your life. They will outright deny the notion that their agenda is about forcing people to do what they don't want to do. 

They make light of it. "If you don't want a gay marriage, don't get one," is one of the bumper sticker slogans they'll throw at you. In reality, though, and history has shown us, the homosexual agenda is all about a radical and forced change of society that reaches far beyond 'marriage equality'. 

After all, there will never be marriage equality without full acceptance of homosexuality. A married couple that is comprised of two people of the same-sex will always busy the back of most people's minds and words will be left unsaid merely out of courtesy and respect. 

It's like what Juan Williams said about Muslims on an airplane. He's not a racist or a bigot or a right wing conservative but, as he admitted, when he sees a Muslim dressed in Muslim clothing on an airplane, it catches his eye, it makes him nervous. 

The same thing is true of same-sex marriage. People will 'accept' them much like passengers will accept Muslim passengers on an airplane but no one knows what thoughts are brewing in their minds, behind their smile.

It is because of this cultural disapproval of homosexuality that the true homosexual agenda lies in making homosexuality as mainstream as possible and 'normal' in everyone's eyes. Those who stand against that will be forced against their will to accept it anyway and we can see this happening across the Nation. 

Take Indiana for example. A privately-owned, family-run Indiana cookie shop called "Just Cookies" refused to fill the order of a gay rights group which wanted rainbow-themed cupcakes made for a National Coming Out Day celebration.

The shop's owners, in part because their shop focuses primarily on baking cookies and in part because they do not support the homosexual agenda, faced a backlash from the LGBT community that led to picketing of the cookie shop and threats of eviction from the City Market on grounds of discrimination. The owners of the cookie shop had this to say:

"As citizens and owners of a small business, we pray that our country remains a free Democratic society and these rights are never taken away by anyone who seeks to unlawfully impose their will or agenda on others."

Take New Hampshire for another example. New Hampshire's largest newspaper, the Union Leader of Manchester, is under fire for refusing to print a same-sex marriage announcement as it goes against the beliefs of the newspaper that marriage "is and needs to remain a social and civil structure between men and women." The Union-Leader, like Just Cookies in Indianapolis, is a private company.

In so much that The Union-Leader is a private newspaper, it is also well-known to be a conservative paper. Yet in the eyes of homosexual activists, that doesn't matter and when a company, be it a privately-owned and politically conservative organization, refuses to support their agenda it amounts to discrimination and bigotry.

These two examples are just within the last month and amount to a very small part of the tip of the forced-homosexual-agenda iceberg. Do you remember Gavin Newsom, the San Fransisco Mayor and homosexual activist? He said same-sex marriage was coming to California "whether you like it or not." 

And indeed it would behooves us to remember indoctrination of homosexuality in public schools by teaching young school kids that same-sex relationships are no different from heterosexual ones. And do we really want to become a society like our neighbors in Canada or in the United Kingdom where the protection of homosexuals has infringed on the basic principles of free speech? 

Don't think it could happen in America? It already has happened. 

An upcoming comedy film starring Vince Vaughn has grabbed headlines recently over its removal of a scene that included a gay joke. The scene in question includes a line by Vaughn that goes "Electric cars are gay. I mean, not homosexual gay, but my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance gay."

Clearly comedy - but not for homosexuals who have been working on normalizing homosexuality but have only been successful in creating an atmosphere where people have to be careful of what they say for they may offend a homosexual. 

Vaughn, appropriately, defends the usage of the joke. 


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