Enthusiastic rally for traditional marriage in Manchester

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Early this morning we set out for Manchester, New Hampshire from Maine and we arrived in the host city of our second rally of the Summer for Marriage Tour just before 10:00 AM. We arrived even before our local partners with the New Hampshire Family Policy Council so I enjoyed a chocolate glazed doughnut and grape juice from the little shop across from City Hall and enjoyed the early morning sun for my first time in New Hampshire.

Then we got to work and everything went pretty smoothly which gave us time to play some music prior to the rally, which started on time at noon with an introduction by Brian Brown who gave a very charismatic speech about how we will not tolerate being labled as bigots for standing up for what we believe in.

He then drew our attention to the fledging group of activists of the homosexual agenda assembled in the back.

"Now throughout this debate we've heard alot of name-calling. We've always stood up for the dignity of all persons. We've always stood up for the love and respect of all persons. We've always stood up for basic civility."

He received great applause from a crowd of marriage supporters that had quicky grown to over 150.

It is worth a note that the twenty-or-so gay marriage activists in the back held signs about hate but posed no problem, were not disruptive and did not interfere.

That is the kind of civility that I talk about all the time.

There is no reason why people from polar opposites of an issue even as contentious as this can't be civil and respectful towards one another and we saw that today in Manchester.

Dr. Morse from the Ruth Institute joined us again and spoke about secular and natural reasons to support traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Her speech was very helpful because it provided those in attendance with the information they need to answer some of the questions our opponents constantly ask.

When Dr. Morse uploads the audio of her speech to her blog, we will include the link here.

Kenneth Smith, the President of the New Hampshire Family Policy Council also joined us and spoke today.

He was well-received and it is important to point out that he has been a huge help in New Hampshire doing what needs to be done to prevent some pretty radical pieces of legislation from becoming law.

He reminded those in attendance that the power to control what happens in the next election lies with them. He made a special point about John Lynch and how Lynch lied about gay marriage when he campaiged against it and then turned around signed the gay marriage bill into law.

Pastor Thomas Peetz of the Word of Life Christian Fellowship of Concord, NH also attended and spoke at our rally.

Tomorrow morning we are heading out of New Hampshire for our Saturday rally in Albany, NY at the Capital Building there. That rally is followed by our fourth stop which will take place in Providence, RI.


Freda said...

But you are bigots , just look at your Facebook page

Johan said...

"we will not tolerate being labled as bigots for standing up for what we believe in."

I hear this a lot from you folks. I sympathize too, but realistically, you're not merely standing up for your beliefs. You're making a concerted effort to have those religious beliefs enshrined in law.

You won't tolerate same-sex marriage. You oppose teaching children to be tolerant of their gay and lesbian peers. Some of you are even against civil unions and granting gays and lesbians the right to serve with integrity in the Armed Forces. That is the essence of bigotry. Intolerance.

If you learned to accept that people have the right to hold different religious views and live free of your interference, then you wouldn't be labeled as bigots. You seem unable to do that though, so the label is still accurate.

Anonymous said...

Ok I will not tolerate your shady plan , ok ?

I saw that article in the box turtle

Truthaboutnom said...


Bryan said...

I agree, just look at what the admin of your facebook page is saying, and you will definitely see bigotry. For example, only a bigot could believe that gays "want to rape America and turn it into a third world country". That is taken directly from a comment made by the moderator of the "Protect Marriage" facebook page. Disgusting.

Olaf said...

These people need stopping
NOM is disgusting , parading around as a legit outfit when really you just a bunch of homophobes

Anonymous said...


Bob Barnes said...

The National Organization for Marriage has responded to Alvin McEwen's article:

"The Huffington Post on Wednesday falsely attributed statements to the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) about discrimination faced by gays and lesbians. The statements were apparently posted by an unnamed "administrator" of the "Protect Marriage: 1 Man 1 Woman" Facebook account. Huffington Post falsely claims that this is NOM's Facebook page. The Facebook account on which these statements were reportedly made is not NOM's Facebook page and neither NOM nor anyone representing NOM made these statements. The Facebook account in question is operated by a private party and NOM does not control what is allowed to be posted on the account, a fact that could have been easily known to Huffington Post had they reached out to NOM to verify the report

Come on Maggie and Brian, the record has already been made public, You have partner with Protect Marriage and it's owner Louis.

We have this statement:

Protect Marriage is proudly working directly on behalf of the National Organization for Marriage. We admire the hard work they have done over the past few years and we are more than happy to devote all of our resources to working together with them for the cause of one man, one woman marriage. We look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with them on whichever course the cause of marriage should require in the future.
Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage our members to visit NOM's website.
Thank you, Louis J. Marinelli, Director

Jerry said...

Such liars and exposed for what they really are .

Thought you would have come up with a better story than that Maggie and Brian (Both FAIL) , actually no because you're completely ignorant

Bob Barnes said...

Sorry folks, the cat is out of the bag. So folks, who do you think is lying?

❏ Brian Brown
❏ Maggie Gallagher
❏ Louis Marinelli
❏ James Preece
❏ All of the above

Bananarama said...

Hmmmm I reckon "All Of The Above" .

In fact I KNOW it is all of the above

Anonymous said...

Another point of view:


jaysays said...

"bigot: One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ." -- The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.

I'm a bigot, too, in some regards. I'm completely intolerant of NOM's "political views" because they impeded upon the pursuit of happiness/constitutional rights of a class of people based solely on a characteristic of those people. However, I support NOM's right to not get married to people of the same-sex should they choose not to do so.

Before you start playing high and mighty over being called a "bigot" and attempting to prove you are the victims, try some other choice words that have been used against LGBT people by supporters of NOM and their like: faggot, fag, dyke, pansy, sissy, pedophile, beast, subhuman, homo, tranny, she-he, Muff Diver, Lezzie, Bum bandit, Fairy, Mary, Poof/poofster, ... the list goes on and on.

Of the 1,706 victims of sexual orientation based hate crimes: 98 percent were victims due to anti-homosexual/bisexual bias, while only 2 percent were victims because of an anti-heterosexual bias.

It's time for NOM to get down off their cross.

fiona64 said...

That "enthusiastic rally" looks more like a handful of bored folks on their lunch break to me ...

Luis A. Ramos said...

Now throughout this debate we've heard alot of name-calling. We've always stood up for the dignity of all persons. We've always stood up for the love and respect of all persons. We've always stood up for basic civility."

when one person calls you something, you look at it and discard it as a whim.

when three people call you something, you look at it, turn this way then that way, and accept or discard it.

when hundreds and hundreds f people call you bigots and homophobes, you look at it, this way and that way, and if you still do not see it, then you are not only bigots, and homophones, YOUR IGNORANT AND BLIND AS STEVIE WONDER, WHO BY THE WAY HAS MORE SIGHT THAN YOU WILL EVER HAVE.

Anonymous said...

Once again the right wing bigots want to stop progress and the evolution of society. They feel threatened for no reason and refuse to look at their own actions and feelings.

Anything that may change the make-up of society is frightening to them. Well, I say get a grip on yourselves. Fasten your seat belts because its going to be a bumpy ride, babies.

Marriage equality is going to someday be the law of the land. Just like interacial marriage is.

You can hide behind your church values, but civil marriage equality will someday be right in your town in Mainstream USA.

If Argentina can do it so can the good ol' US of A. So go ahead and don't cry for me Argentina. Marriage Equality is going strong and is alive and well here.

Tom Lang said...

I am so sorry I missed this protest or you definitely would have heard at least one large voice coming from the LGBT Equality side. These NOM Rallies are just a copycat of the Massachusetts Vote On Marriage Rallies that were done in 2006-07. They are pretty much pep rallies for those who believe this rhetoric.
I have long grown past calling these people "bigots." I have matured as a gay activist. I know call these people, "murderers." This negative and hurtful/hateful rhetoric not only gives people permission to harm, bully and even kill those at whom it is directed, but it harms the very souls of LGBT people, many being the youth.
Who do you blame when a parent hearing you throws his LGBT teenager out of the house and that child kills him/herself or lives on the street, becomes a prostitute and dies of drugs, disease or at the hand of a john??? Who do you blame when an LGBT youth having heard you or had to listen to his/her parent's similar rants, kills him/herself out of feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness? Who do you blame when other kids having heard you or listen to their parent's similar rants take it on themselves to bully an LGBT or LGBT-suspected youth until that youth takes his/her own life?
Look in the mirror folks...

Fabula Mirabilis said...

When is James Preece going to step down from administrative roles on the Facebook page?

Louis, don't you think it would be prudent to remove him from the group? In light of his recent hateful comments, it's pretty clear that he's an obvious liability to your cause - or a grave embarrassment, if nothing else.

Jude Stevens said...

When you go to the One Woman One Man Facebook page, there is a page to sign up for NOM.
I would say that both organizations are the same. Louis, you are the creator of that page and the admin for the Summer Tour. You ARE NOM.

I truly resent the ignorant comments on the Facebook page and I resent even more that I have been blocked for trying to set the record straight in a very civil way.

You make a point in your blog about the counter protestors being civil. So, live up to this ethic and open up your blog for people with different opinions AND FACTS so they can comment.

Will you do that? If you will not, you are indeed a complete hypocrite Louis.

NOH8 said...

James Preece's comments in full


Anonymous said...

All the photos are similar. You speak of successful rallies and then show close-up photos of small groups of people or a speaker almost no one around them. Your photographer is thus doing a very bad job validating the claims you are making. You should have him pull away so that people can view the sea of faces of rally attendees. Surely it would be easy to document what you are claiming.

Or is this just bad editing, with the good photos being neglected in favor of small groups of people? Perhaps it is a plot, part of the homosexual agenda? Maybe the photographer is a secret agent of the Learned Elders of Sodom and intentionally skewing the photos to downplay your crowds? Or perhaps the editor of this blog really is one of them? The lack of crowd shots should be investigated.

Mel said...

The year was 1966 and they were wearing their wedding bands

She was black and he was white and some people didn’t understand

The judge said that’s not legal, the preacher called it a sin

But they couldn’t stop them cause he loved her and she loved him


Don’t tell me who to love, don’t tell me who to kiss

Don’t tell me that there’s something wrong because I feel like this

I know what’s in my heart, that should be enough

Don’t tell me, don’t tell me no, don’t tell me who to love


Maybe you’re in love today and you’ve been making wedding plans

But there is someone in your way shouting things cause they don’t understand

The judge says that’s not legal, the preacher calls it a sin

Oh you just remember they were wrong before and they’re wrong again



Now there always will be hatred and voices that condemn

Oh but I believe that true love is gonna make it in the end


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