Marriage Tour RV departs Atlanta

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Although last night brought dark clouds, wind and rain just as I was on my way to pick up the Marriage Tour RV in Norcross, GA the weather had subsided by morning and a silvery-blue sky promised a warm and sunny day was to follow.

So today 7:00 AM, I picked up the NOM RV and navigated the giant through the I-85 corridor throughout the afternoon, stopping twice to reposition the passenger side mirror before I went to Sears and purchased the tool I needed to secure the mirror in it's place for good.

It did the trick. The mirror didn't move the rest of the trip and I didn't have any more issues with it. It was quite a dangerous problem, though, as I was completely unable to see the right side of the RV or any of the lanes to the right of me while driving.

During that stop in a southern suburb of Charlotte called Pineville, I met with my cousins - one of which recently married - and their kids for lunch at The Olive Garden. They live in that area and so it was a great opportunity to stop by and have a bite to eat with the family.

I had a great dish of Chicken Alfredo and a really good strawberry-mango fruit drink. Non-alcoholic of course. All of that came after a few of Olive Garden's delicious garlic rolls. Can't go to Olive Garden and not have the garlic rolls!

Unfortunately, I ran into some delays after lunch. I sure hope everyone walked out of this one alive. There is actually a lot more than what this pictures shows. After I took the photo, I thought it was over but in reality, behind that white truck, or - what is left of that white truck, is a slew of pieces from torn apart vehicles. 

Again, I certainly hope everyone was OK. Traffic did unexpectedly pick up immediately after the accident - I was afriad we would be backed up for miles but we were only like that for a few minutes. 

I was thinking to myself - If I was in San Fransisco or Boston or Madison, WI right now... in this RV, I'd be a sitting duck! It's a good thing I was in the Bible Belt. 

Leaving Charlotte, I continued on the I-85 North and made it to Durham before stopping for gas. It was quite hot and humid at that time so I also enjoyed and brought on board a grape slushy for the ride.

Yes, that's a BP gas station. No, that station isn't in anyway responsible for the oil spill in the gulf. And no, I prefer not to be politically correct by using another station - just for all you liberals out there.

In reality, the oil spill wouldn't be so bad if certain politicans in high places in D.C. weren't so concerned with playing political games. I won't name any names.

Anyway, the road ahead brought me into Virginia,
where I decided to stay for the night. Tomorrow I am setting off early to make it to the DC area by 10:00 AM, then onward to Philadelphia. The schedule has me going Connecticut to pick up Brian Brown and his family on Tuesday.

The first rally on the marriage tour is in Augusta, Maine on July 14th in Capital Park. More information about the marriage tour here.


Anonymous said...

What a sham !

I hope the American public wake up to you I really do .

Hey , if you are reading this and donated money to this pathetic cause remember there are people starving on the street , there are people that need help not some sham group that wants to stop love .

God would not condone this !

NOM is lying to you all !

Anonymous said...

How can one of your cousins already have kids if they only recently got married? Premarital sex is a sin, and is therefore against the will of god.


Anonymous said...

"the oil spill wouldn't be so bad if certain politicans in high places in D.C. weren't so concerned with playing political games."

Wow. Such an informed comment. Where did you get your degree in Petroleum Engineering?

Stick to the ridiculous bashing of minorities and leave the environment out of your blog posts. It only serves to make you look even more ignorant.

Daniel said...

I'm gay and I'm married. Has it destroyed your marriage yet? Didn't think so.

If you want to counter atack all their arguments, go to the following article and read it:

TRiG said...

"The oil spill wouldn't be so bad if certain politicans in high places in D.C. weren't so concerned with playing political games."

It might not have happened at all if the safety regulators hadn't had all their teeth systematically pulled out by Bush and his cronies.


angela said...

Re: the post from 'anonymous' on 7/13 @ 2:54pm - I am one of the family members in Louis' pic...I'm the one in the blue - the mother of the 2 kids. Louis' newly married cousin is the one to the left of Louis in this pic. My husband - the father of the 2 kids that Louis is referring to (that I've been married to for 10 years) is the one to Louis' right. The newly married couple has no children so far. Just thought this may change your mind on us 'heathens.'

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