NOM Summer for Marriage team heads to Maine

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am blogging this post as we are driving out of Boston, MA headed for Augusta, ME for tomorrow's kick-off rally at noon for the Summer for Marriage Tour.

The National Organization for Marriage, the Ruth Institute and Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman are all represented in this NOM van, which is following Brian Brown and his family, occupying the NOM RV I drove up from Atlanta.

Today we assembled all of our supplies and loaded them into the van and the trailer we are pulling. We've got t-shirts and pens and bumper stickers and all kinds of hand-outs we plan to be giving out at our rallies to our supporters. All that, of course, in addition to the technical equipment we rented for our speakers and for playing music.

We have just entered New Hampshire, where we will be returning to tomorrow for a rally in Manchester. We have spent the ride so far discussing tomorrow's rally, reading the hateful comments posted by our opponents on this and other blogs across the Internet. Never again can they claim that we hate them.

Just go and read the language and comments they've posted on this blog!

The truth of the matter is that the activist who slashed my tire in New Jersey is bad press for an otherwise 'protected' group of individuals who are painted as victims and innocent angels by the press. So, it is of no surprise that there are 100+ comments trying to discredit the legitimacy of my post.

They have gone so far as to claim that the puncture was self-inflicted in an attempt to gain publicity. This is no surprise. What they did is an embarressment to the homosexual community and they are doing whatever they can to distance themselves from it.

Anyway, we are about an hour and a half out of Augusta.

It is raining but rain will not stop the marriage tour!


amiworking said...

So what's going on, Louis. Why don't you quote me? I provided rather polite, lengthy, and very rational responses to your tour and some of the equally hateful responses towards me and mine. You took a screenshot of someone who is very angry at your tour of hate, but fail to shed light to us LGBT Americans who are rational and courteous?

Are you afraid, Louis? Are you afraid that your flock will slowly begin to realize how much harm you are causing to us? How you are treating us like less-thans, like second class citizens? How you, through your words and actions, are causing very real and devastating harm to LGBT men and women and our families?

Please, Louis, respond to that. Respond to me. Tell me this: What gives you the right to harm me? What gives you the right to remove my rights away and prevent me from taking care of the man I love whom I will one day call husband?

Go on, Louis, say it. What authorizes you to spread and enforce an opinion that promotes a system of apartheid law and discrimination?

Your tire post was never legitimate. You claim it was a gay activist. Where is he? Where is this proof? We saw a bad picture of a blown out tire and someone's finger. There's a word for what happens when someone takes what may or may not be a crime and attempts to lay the blame on an entire group of people... what's that word? Profiling? That fits.

Have a good road trip. Don't run out of gas.


OSM said...

LOL, hateful comments. I think your response was more like "Those durned f@ggots! They burned me with LOGIC!" As amiworking said, what the hell gives you the right to vote on taking away the civil rights of marriage from a gay couple? In case you didn't know, gay couples are raising children, and not having the same rights to marriage as straight couples tremendously hurts both the couple and the children. So when you lie about "caring about the children," clearly that only means children that are being raised in 2-parent heterosexual homes. Once again, you have ZERO evidence that a gay activist slashed your tire. Have fun on your hate tour, where you'll be outnumbered exponentially by Freedom to Marry.

Bob Barnes said...

Right, Louis, right after you accuse people without proof, you run of to play the victim.

Bob Barnes said...

Here's a fresh post from the admin at Louis' Facebook group "Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman"

I take such statements as threats. What is she going to do when we pull up evidence about the homosexual behavior? Many of them are pedophiles, violent towards one another, a very unhealthy behavior, high usage of drugs and alcohol, life span is shorter than heterosexuals.

I have two family members who are homosexuals. I know their history, I know their background, I know they choose to be homosexual.

Many of them are pedophiles? So when does the abuse from your hate group end, Louis?!/oneman.onewoman?v=wall&ref=ts

G-A-Y said...

Right out of the "pro-family" playbook: Rage against LGBT people with a fury, then take it upon yourself to tell everyone that it's really your target who is "hating."

And then to automatically jump and say that whoever slashed your tire (if it really happened at all) is absolutely, without a doubt a gay activist? Or even a supporter of marriage? Louis, do you not see how intellectually unsound that is?!? You have provided no evidence of anything. So your loud protestations about the big, bad gays who slashed your tires make the whole incident seem that much more suspect!

As for the heated comments you do receive: When you take such a public stance in favor of discrimination, there are going to be some people who simply cannot contain their anger. Your work is a soul punch! I don;t support the volatile rhetoric -- I think we are all best served when we focus on the work rather than the person, and when we talk rather than scream. But surely you understand *why* it happens.

And last thing: If you really want to talk about hate comments, then by all means, I will go there with you. I have five years of condemnations, frightening rhetorical attacks on my family, crude attacks against my marriage, and death threats that I can provide.

John B said...

Louis states:

"The truth of the matter is that the activist who slashed my tire in New Jersey is bad press for an otherwise 'protected' group of individuals who are painted as victims and innocent angels by the press. So, it is of no surprise that there are 85+ comments trying to discredit the legitimacy of my post."

So Louis, still making an accusation without proof? Yep, that is how a hate group would operate.

homer said...

Let's see the police report on the "tire-slashing." Were you stupid enough not to get one?

Bob Barnes said...

Posted to Louis' Facebook page:

-----------------------Homosexuality is a perversion, moreso than a lifestyle, and there is NO GAY GENE.

Even if it were genetic, what difference does it make? It's a defect, it's a sickness, it's a disorder. Just because something is genetic, doesn't mean it's ok and should be accepted by society.

Applying the genetic argument to child molesters and serial killers does nothing, they are scum who should not be tolerated/encouraged and the same goes for homosexuals.

Leroy Solomon, Protect Marriage member and avid poster

We love your Hate Group, Louis, and we're thrilled that NOM stooped to partner with you

Frankie said...

I simply love the way that you have singled out that post on the comment section when there were rather a lot of well thought out posts from other people there .

Typically the way a hate group operates , only show the bad things so people are sucked in , way to go Louis , you're ignorant .

As for the tyre thing , yes where is the police report and where is the part that proves it was a gay person that did it ?

Anonymous said...


GatheringStorm said...

Anonymous said...

Marinelli lies to promote his homophobic agenda.

I feel sad for NOM said...

Over time, love will conquer all, even the hate and bigotry of NOM.

I pity the children of Brian Brown who are growing up learning from their one man, one woman parents that it is OK to hate, it is OK to treat others with disrespect, unlike the way you yourself would want to be treated, it is OK to assume you are better than others and that it is your way or no way.

We should set up a therapy fund for the Brown children. Years from now when they recall how they spent the summer of 2010, they will certainly need it. It's not their fault that they got the parents they have. We owe it to the children.

How do you sleep at night, Louis?

Do you comfort yourself with the thought that, even if you're a hateful person bent on depriving others of equality, at least you're not a goddamn faggot?

Do you really expect that when you threaten the livelihood of others, they will just meekly accept it?

Do you think that smearing a minority will despicable lies will be met with silence from said group?

Do you think an allegedly slashed tire is damning proof of the violent hatred of homosexuals, when compared to the beatings and murders of gay people worldwide?

Do you honestly think that the "Protect Marriage" crowd are the ones at risk? Or do you just pretend that the rise in anti-gay hate crimes in California after the passage of Prop 8 is merely a coincidence?

Do the literally thousands of years of oppression of homosexuals by society at large mean nothing but one allegedly slashed tire is proof that "Christians" are in danger for their lives?

Michelle said...

Like many Americans, I was raised with a religious background (my grandfather was a very prominent minister). Over the years I eventually found the illogic in religion and fell away from the church. I truly never understood churches such as the LDS or the Catholics in that the rhetoric never made sense, and the book being used was full of contradictions, and worse.

However, the huge difference between myself (and most other people) and institutions such as the LDS and Catholic churches is that, even though I do not prescribe to what they teach, and actually believe it could be very harmful to people, I have never once tried to have the people or the lawmakers of our city, state, or country to enact laws against what they do.

These same churches are actively taking away the rights of people who do not agree with them. They try to change history to fit their supposed "moral code." Well, my moral code says that anyone should have the ability to believe in what they want to believe in, and that it is not my place to inflict my morals on anyone else who abides by the law.

My marriage is not affected by anyone else's marriage. It is defined by the love between myself and my spouse. Period. Everyone else can believe or act as they want, up until the point where my rights are infringed upon. Stay in church and stay out of politics, or have your tax exempt status revoked.

Discrimination is wrong, whether based in religion, tradition, ignorance, apathy, or any combination thereof.

The real Christians I know support marriage equality. They treat each other as they want to be treated. They know that love and families come in many shapes and forms. They're happy to live by their own morals and values without seeking to impose their values on others. They know that we best protect marriage and protect the children by encouraging life-long loving relationships.

It's the Faux-Christians who want to impose their values on everyone. It' the Faux-Christians who want to subject the civil rights of a minority to popular vote (at least until they know that a popular vote will go against them). It's the Faux-Christians who believe only their narrow interpretation of their religion's mythology should determine the fate of all Americans. It's the Faux-Christians who give the real Christians a bad name -- and that's very sad.

There are some really good Christian people in this country. It's too bad the Faux-Christians are the ones who get all the press.

As for the nature vs nurture "argument," how on earth can you believe that homosexuality is a choice? Why would anyone subject himself/herself to the hateful rhetoric spewed daily by Faux-Christians and other ignorant people? Why would anyone "choose" to become the target of so many hateful people and/or groups? It doesn't make sense -- but then again, logic is certainly not the strong suit of the Faux-Christians who spread such falsehoods.

One day, hopefully not far in the future, marriage equality will be the law of the land throughout this great country of ours. We will join the other sensible nations of the world who have already recognized the fact that discriminating against people based on sexual orientation isn't justified in a civilized society. When that blessed day comes, the children of the Faux-Christians will learn to look with disdain upon their parents who lied to them and told them that GLBT people are somehow "less than" straight people -- much as people in my generation look with disdain upon the parents who believed that laws against miscegenation were righteous. My daughter will be able to proudly say that her Mommy and Daddy (yes - we're a straight couple) support marriage equality and supported it all along.

Equal rights should be guaranteed -- not voted on. In our system of checks and balances, the courts exist partially to protect the rights of minorities from the tyranny of the majority. Judges who rule against discrimination are doing their jobs, and I thank my lucky stars that they are doing their jobs well more and more frequently.

There is no rational reason (and no - the mythologies of any/all religious organizations are not "rational") to deny equal rights to any law-abiding group of people in this country.

fiona64 said...

I can't speak for anyone else, but this straight, married, church-going woman thinks you should be ashamed of yourself.

I guess you have forgotten the story of the good Samaritan, in which Rabbi Yeshua ben Yussef teaches that everyone is your neighbor, and should be loved as you love yourself. That fellow lying in the ditch needed some compassion, yet the holy men passed him by because he wasn't "one of the in crowd." The Samaritan didn't stop to see if the man in the ditch was the right faith or ethnicity, or ask whom he loved -- he looked after him, because everyone was his neighbor.

You can shout all the fear-mongering myths that you want about slippery slopes, Louis, but the thinking people know the truth: the real slippery slope is that voting to take away rights from one group because you find them personally distasteful opens the door to put any group's civil rights on the ballot.

I wonder, Louis, which of your rights you would be okay with being put to a vote by a capricious and tyrannical majority? See Federalist Paper No. 10 if you're unclear on why this is problematic. Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves.

amiworking said...


Oh my goodness! I love you, you fierce, awesome woman!

You just made my day, brought a smile to my face, a tear to my eye, and a pang of pride to my heart for living in this country that I am always most willing to share with marvelous people like you :-)

Have a great day!


Bananarama said...

Where's the blog about your HUGE rally of 50 people ??????? !!!!!

fiona64 said...

@RJ/amiworking, thank you for your kind words. :-) You made me smile.

@Bananarama: Be on the lookout for NOM reports of enormous support, despite the fact that more than double the number of folks turned out for Equality Maine's counter-rally -- and on 24 hours' notice!

Bill said...

Brian lied about the attendance at a DC rally, saying it was 250. I was there, it was 40, hell, even the Washington Post called it a 4 dozen.

Yep, they lie.

Bananarama said...


I look forward to their inflated claims , this is a group not to be trusted at all , from what I've seen on Facebook and numerous other webpages

Mike said...

"Never again can they(gays)claim that we hate them".
But Louis, How can you say that when on your PM facebook page you used to have a poll that asked if members A) hated homosexuals or B)Hated the act of homosexuality (speaking of which, why was the poll removed?). From what I remember 30% said they HATED homosexuals. Sounds like HATE to me.

Daniel said...

"Never again can they claim that we hate them."

Sure they can, because your actions prove that you clearly do.

Kwach said...

fiona64 ... bravissima! Thank you for your eloquence and your support.

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