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Monday, July 26, 2010

I don't spend my entire day working on blogs like some people do but I do think this blog has just implemented a nice new aspect to it which will improve the reader's ability to comment on my posts. The down side is that when I added the widget, I lost all the old comments from the previous posts.

Maybe I didn't do it exactly right but I read somewhere online that you could add disqus to the blogger and have it include the previous posts. Anyway, what's done is done and that's it.

So at the moment we are driving to Madison, Wisconsin I don't quite know exactly where we are but we are in the general vacinity of Chicago. Contrary to the beliefs of many of our opponents, we are not taking a detour off the marriage tour to stop in South Bend, IN as our stalkers from California and the NOM Tour Tracker claim.

I don't know who their "source on the ground" is but he or she doesn't seem quite reliable. He or she also predicted that the Providence, RI rally was going to be cancelled and that we would blame the weather for that. We went to Providence. We held our rally. Our opponents made fools out of themselves.

 And so we are long past South Bend, Indiana.

OK, so we are actually at a toll booth right now so I can see that we are at least in Illinois, as I suspected. So that means we'll be setting our clocks back an hour. We'll be meeting up with Brian Brown and his family, which are returning to the tour with us in Madison.

The Brown family had some business to tend to out west and so they stepped off the tour for a few stops but Madison will be great because we will have both Brian and Maggie as speakers. It should be a great rally as have been all the rallies that we have held so far. We've signed up hundreds of people from around the country who want to be active in the struggle against the redefinition of marriage.

We want to get 2 million people signed up from all over the country. So far we've got a little over 700,000 people from every corner of this country who support our mission and want to be involved. So I think we've made great progress towards our goal and this summer marriage tour is helping that very mission.

We're signing up supporters in the most important places in the country where marriage is under attack and the people's elected representatives are working to redefine marriage. We've been to Maryland, which may gay rights activists claim is their next major target. Of course we've been to New York and New Jersey where we won huge battles against same-sex marriage last year in December. We kicked-off our marriage tour in Maine, where we won - and won big - in November, 2009.

Now, like I said, we're going to Wisconsin -a state which only 4 years ago voted by an overwhelming supermajority to ban same-sex marriage in their state. It was also in Wisconsin earlier this month that the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the state's constitiional amendment defining marriage between a man and a woman.

We're going to Iowa, where we are working to let the people vote. We'll be going to DC to wrap up our tour for this very same reason and let me assure all of you that the people of DC will have their say and when they do, the integrity of marriage will be restored with the repeal of same-sex marriage in our Nation's Capital.

Today we had a great rally in Indianapolis. I'll post about this later on my blog because I'm having computer issues getting the pictures from the camera's memory card to my laptop. Don't worry, we've got some interesting information about what happened in Indianapolis that you won't hear from our opponents because they probably wish you didn't know about it.


Louis Louis Louis, when are you going to stop lying through your teeth? Marriage is not under attack. Letting gays have true equality will not harm society, hurt children, or destroy any existing hetero marriages. All viable reviewed evidence proves this. No Louis what's under attack in your country is human rights, equality, and freedom to love, and it's being attacked by you and your NOM friends. The fact that you have to lie, exaggerate and bully to fight your battles proves those battles to be unworthy and wrong.

The ONLY reason to fight equality is bigotry and hatred. The ONLY purpose served by fighting equality is to keep a group you don't like second-class under the law. The ONLY reason to lie to fight your fight is because you know the TRUTH does not support your actions.

Do the RIGHT thing Louis. Live and let live, give up your hateful mission. Stop giving in to your own fear and ignorance, start learning the reality of the people you're oppressing.

Stop the lies and hate Louis. Do you REALLY want to be remembered by history as such an evil man?

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