Summer Marriage Tour approaches

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The National Organization for Marriage is getting ready for it's 6000+ mile road trip across the eastern half of the United States where we will be holding rallies in seventeen different states from Maine to Minnesota, from Florida to the District of Columbia. The first rally, which is being held in Augusta, Maine on the 14th of July is less than a week away.

Right now, however, the work is centered in the greater Atlanta region, where the NOM RV is being wrapped with the NOM logo and prepared for the marriage tour. The RV is expected to be ready by Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, the NOM van with the AV supplies we picked up here in Atlanta began its journey to Maine today and will be stopping in  D.C. and Philadephia to pick up more supplies.

That leaves only Louis Marinelli in Atlanta to finish up preparations with the RV before he drives it up the east coast to Connecticut, where he'll be meeting up with Brian Brown and his family before continuing onto Augusta for the kick-off rally.

Reaction to NOM presence has been mixed here in Atlanta but has been more positive than negative. Yesterday, a handful of teenagers packed into a small white car beside the NOM van at a red light took notice of the van's exterior design which reads "Protecting Marriage Between One Man and One Woman".

"Hey, you guys are against gay marriage!" one girl yelled out, calling the NOM van to the attention of her friends, who proceeded to yell out vulgarities and show their middle fingers to us. Then they got camera shy when Louis started taking photos of them from inside the van. The girl in the front passenger side tried to cover her face.

Real courageous group.

On the other hand, the majority of responses thus far have been signs of support in the form of a thumbs up or  a simple wave from passing drivers.

Although NOM is currently in Atlanta for preparations, we will be returning on the Marriage Tour to hold a rally on August 7th, 2010. For more information, including location and time information, see the Summer for Marriage Tour website.


SisterTipster said...

I'm following your blog Louis and praying all will go well!

Anonymous said...

I'm so stoked that you guys are in Atlanta. Enjoy that heat wave!

Anonymous said...

What those young girls did is just a small taste of what's to come later I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

You are just a bunch of homophobia haters and are using religion to make money

NotaHater said...

Mike said...

So it's okay to protect your supporters' privacy and be angry when Washington State demands you release the names on a public referendum, but these folks, clearly not supporters, get uploaded to your page for everyone to see.

We see how it is.

Daniel said...

NOM only believes in violating other people's civil rights, they hold themselves to no standards whatsoever.

BlackTsunami said...

This is like the tire incident, Lou. You make claims but then can't show proof.

Kwach said...

Excellent. Way to "protect" families, you hypocrites. I hope their parents sue the pants off you. What a bunch of losers and bigots.

Anonymous said...

Your all a bunch of homophobic Hypocrites. Pretend to be Chrsitan so ya can eek money out of people and not pay taxes. When you stand in front of our maker and he says why did you treat my people this way what are you gonna say? Nothing because you won't have nothing to say. Losers!

If you want to read an article that deals with all those stupid arguments that they have and want to know what to respond just go here:

Kimberly M. Adams said...

It is very interesting to note that you use the Lord to sanction your rage against people who choose to be different. Last time I checked, the only one that could judge me was God and not man. Difference between me and you is that i can constructively listen and understand your arguments whereas you use hate and the unfounded fear of God to turn Christians against Christians, families against families, parents against childrens, and Americans against Americans. Hopefully you will see that everyone is deserving of equality and that you cannot dictate the will of God.

Bluto said...

yey, hear comes the hate tour. You deceitful, lying, hate mongering bigots are going to hell.

TRiG said...

You know, if the people in the car here are afraid of "retaliation", and are covering their faces for that reason, their fears are not entirely unreasonable. Whereas your side claims fear of retaliation all the time, even though such "retaliation" has never once been remotely violent.

You use bigotry, hate speech, and outright lies, and your more unhinged supporters use devastating violence. You seek to strip us of rights and to tear our families apart. You work hard to ensure our children are vulnerable. (Have you read Abigail Garner's account of her childhood fears that men in white coats would turn up and take her away from her dads? Unhinged television rhetoric can do that to a child. And it's disgusting. And children in gay families could be made far less vulnerable to all sorts of things by the legal protections you work so hard to prevent.)

We use a little mockery. And we point out when you misrepresent scientific studies. And a few, often humorous, counter-protests.

And you're the ones afraid of "retaliation"?

I suppose when you work so hard to stir up baseless fear in your supporters, you eventually come to believe your own lies.


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