Some doubt presence of dogs in counter-protest rally

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This will be a post to put an end to any doubt about whether or not the dogs shown in my earlier blog post were affiliated with the rude counter protest or not.

I am going to simply provide the photographic evidence and leave it to my readers to decide for themselves. So, the question is this: Are the dogs pictured in my earlier blog a part of the counter-protest or is their owner just someone passing by in the park?

What is it they say about a picture? Oh yes, that they speak a thousand words. Photograph number one, located below shows Dr. Morse speaking to marriage supporters surrounded by activists of the homosexual agenda on both sides.

The visible side of the photo shows five activists bearing umbrellas in a rainbow pattern and all dressed in white shirts with a red heart on the back that reads "Do you see my love?"

According to some activists of the homosexual agenda, the sixth man in the photo, the one without the umbrella, just happens to be walking his dog in the park and is not affiliated with the counter-protesters. So he is going to be our mystery man for this post. According to our opponents, I took a close-up shot of this man's dogs in order to create the illusion that the homosexual activists brought the dogs with them.

So even though he is wearing the same shirt as the counter-protesters and regardless of the fact that he is standing in the same organized line with them and ignoring the fact that he is not making any type of forward motion that would come with walking a dog in a park, some would have you believe he just happened to be there.

But maybe we still need to examine this further.

Maybe it's not clear to some of our opponents who may still believe, regardless of his clothing and physical location, that he is not a counter-protester and thus, by default, the dogs were not a part of the counter-protest strategy. So, let's look at them from another angle and see if we can work it out.

As you can see in photograph number two, we've got a different angle on the trio. From this vantage point, we can still see the activists on the stage with our mystery man and his two dogs.

Now our opponents would have you believe that this mystery man is in fact a "park-goer" who just happens to be walking his dogs in the park in the general vacinity of the marriage rally.

General vacinity? This mystery man is not only right up there on the stage but he is standing shoulder to shoulder with the other activists bearing the rainbow umbrellas. Not to mention the very same white shirt with the heart logo on the back.

Now, comparing the two pictures also demonstrates to us that he is not walking his dogs because between picture one and picture two the mystery man made zero forward progress in that walk and in picture two he is actually standing tall. He's not going anywhere soon. In fact, his dogs are facing directly towards the crowd  while he is facing the opposite direction! Seems to me if he was walking his dogs, they would have to be facing at least in the same direction our mystery man is facing.

Yet, they will make the claim that this mystery man just happened to be in the area and I asked them for a photo and manipulated said photo in such a way so as to paint the counter-protesters as bullies. Nearly.

Let's see, I'm not sure we've proven beyond an activist's doubt that the mystery man is in fact a member of the counter protest and by default, his dogs are a part of the counter-protest strategy.

However, I believe I've proven beyond a reasonable doubt of any reasonable person. So much for this comment by one of the most hateful members of the homosexual community I have ever come across.


ALLAN said...

Most don't doubt the presence of the dogs, and these additional pictures prove that they were there, but they were clearly not threatening, they were a long way from everybody on that open square, there was no "stage", and one is clearly old or sick (look at the ribs!). This person wanted to take his dogs with him for a lovely day of protesting in the park. Nothing wrong with that at all, and the only threat is in your guilty minds, your own fear convicts you.


Anonymous said...

Oh please, We all know that as far as NOM is concerned, constitutional rights are for straight people.

JT said...

Ummm, if that's the "most hateful members of the homosexual community" you've ever come across, then you're sheltered, indeed. Just like with any group of people, there are some really wonderful people and some real nasty ones.

Then again, you seem to have a major problem with the fact that the LGBT community even exists, period. I mean, why else would you keep saying "activists of the homosexual agenda" in all your postings? You don't see our blogs calling you "activists of the straight agenda," do you? Do you actually hear how stupid that sounds? You read a satirical piece years ago that used the words "gay agenda" and decided that it was real, not satire.

Let me tell you what our "agenda" is, my ignorant friend. Our "agenda" is to live our lives the same way you do, one day at a time. To be able to share our lives with the person we love the most, in the same relationship you have-Marriage. Since it has been expressly written that "marriage is the right of all Americans" and since we are Americans just the same as you are, marriage is our right. It's not a special right, it's just our right, too. And it will happen. And little tours like you're on, will become just a footnote in history of a failed campaign to keep a group of people as second class citizens. Accept it or not, it WILL happen.

Bob Barnes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Ha! Are you KIDDING? Is this satire?

Bob Barnes said...

Congrats Louis, you have just made that jump from ludicrous to absurd!

Your transparent attempts to interpret anything, and I mean anything as a threat, is at best laughable. Your writing style as an extremist is something the John Birch Society would be proud of... you speak of the "Homosexual Agenda" like they did of Civil Rights and fluoride.

I beg of you Louis, keep writing! The more you and James Preece say, the more you help us.

Jason said...

Is this article for real ???? Seriously ???

Some dogs were there ,big wow .

Maybe the guys couldn't leave them at home on their own so brought their two harmless old labbies with them .

Face it they're hardly dobermans or the rottweiler from The Omen are they ?

I suspect you are now clutching at straws to find anything to discredit the other side because you and your cronies have been discredited time and time again .You can ban people from your Facebook page but the internet is huge and people will always have a voice and discover the truth.

Face it your web of lies is collapsing around you as we speak .

Social issues will be king this election cycle. Abortion is going down. Every candidate that gets into office in the mid term elections will be supporting traditional marriage through a constitutional amendement to define marriage as between one woman and one man. One that is done, we focus on recriminalization of sodomy. That way public advocacy of homosexuality ends. If you show up to a pride parade, you get locked up!

So if anti-sodomy laws were put in place that would take away our freedom of assembly? Isn't that a tad unAmerican?

Anonymous said...

Man up, Louis. They are just a couple of dogs.


Anonymous said...

Wow James I really love your psychotic rant on your Morality page hahahahaha !

Straight out of the La La Farm

homer said...

Just imagine if someone had brought a CAT!!!!!


When you have been working on this issue as long as I have you read a lot of reports, talk to a lot of people.

You can't talk about same-sex marriage without talking about homosexuality. Homosexuality has not benefit to society. The behavior is an end in itself. No society has ever been created or supported on the homosexual behavior.

It is evil because it is truly unnatural. I dare you to try to point at animals. That is a joke reaction. Unlike animals, man seeks meaning and purpose in life. Animals are not accountable.

Himmler and the Nazis used to say that society did not benefit from the Jews. James, with such a statement as yours, you seem to be reaching for an answer. James, are you suggesting a second Holocaust?

Anonymous said...

Face it , James Preece is totally nuts .

Flossie said...

Next he will be saying they had rabies and he has the evidence to prove it

Clicky said...

Brian just wrote on his blog there were 200 people at the Maine rally


fiona64 said...

Louis, I guess it never occurred to you that someone might be walking their dogs in the park (where said dogs are permitted) and wander up to see what all of the rants and fussing from the microphone were about?

Don't pretend you represent all the straight folks, Louis ... this straight gal thinks you've got more than one screw loose.

yoshi said...

"So much for this comment by one of the most hateful members of the homosexual community I have ever come across."

This is satire right? Please tell me this is satire. Otherwise you are completely insane.

Billy said...

"So much for this comment by one of the most hateful members of the homosexual community I have ever come across."

Yes please , do tell how that comment is most hateful ?

When you allow actual disgusting hateful crap on your Facebook page .

You are insane

The Nashua Telegraph again put the tally at "about 100 opponents." But not so, Brian. He says his side alone had roughly 150-200 in Manchester on Thursday.


Posted to NOM's Facebook page


MeriKae Murie Leavitt People are realizing it is the Liberal gay movement is one of the biggest problems in our nation because of all they have caused to happen, as a result of their lack of morals and their bawling mouths and their BLIND trust in the MAN that is going to deliver them into the mouth islam...
they still believe that the 1/2 white half black man in the white house
is Christian!!!LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!
Posted to NOM's Facebook page


So we can safely tie racism and disrespect for other religions to the already incredible homophobia of the National Organization of Marriage.

truthspew said...

Can't wait to see you in Providence. It'll be interesting to see how you twist here.

As a fellow Italian-American I'm ashamed of you. You're nothing but a religious bigot.

Mark said...

I'm confused. What is the significance of the dogs? A protester brought his dogs. And that means what?

fiona64 said...

Mark, according to Louis here, the presence of dogs (elderly Labs at that) was "clearly meant as intimidation."

It's ridiculous, of course.

Adrian said...

I've looked at this blog and the previous one about the dogs and I'm astounded. Five people with colorful umbrellas, a middle aged man with his elderly labrador retrievers and a skinny kid with a boom mic interviewing people is scary to you? Are you just being cynical and manipulative or are you truly afraid of the fact that such normal, harmless looking people would have the audacity to disagree with you?

Taylor said...

Look...when you only have at the most, maybe 50 people (and that's being generous) showing up to your hate rallies, you have to do something to generate a little buzzzzzz.

In this case, it appears Louis is trying to distract from the fact that the hate group NOM isn't drawing flies to these rallies, by creating some story about intimidation with dogs. It's sad really. But not surprising. Lies, afterall, are the only thing these hate groups have.

James Lunaburg posts this to Protect Marriage's wall

The time for defense is drawing to a close. Too much ground has been given in appeasement. Let us consider the merits of re-criminalizing homosexual conduct. That would completely halt the push against families. Consider attacking permits for pride parades. Consider attacking night clubs where drugs and alcohol fuel the homosexual community. Consider attacking public health funding for STD research. Consider attacking.


Yes, Louis, tell us more about how you feel like a victim. Here, James Lunaburg, and ardent contributor to your page has something to say.

elaygee said...

One day we'll all be incredulous at the fact that NOM did anything without wearling masks and equate them with the Klan, whose stepchildren they are.

Anonymous said...


Get a life

Most people aren't as gullible as some of your Facebook followers haha

Poor baby, what don't like how people are not buying your crap and not taking your abuse anymore? Having a problem with people responding to you in kind?

Ever heard of YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW?

La Las said...

Different story here or is Brian (who has already tweeted the crap in this blog too) trying for damage limitation again

Bob Barnes said...

Yes, why is Brian putting such a different story out? Could it be that Louis' lies are just too much to believe?

Louis, is it that James Preece isn't the only one that brings on "damage control?"

bigotb said...


Anonymous said...

Seriously i'm starting to think that Marinelli is intentionally making NOM look crazy. He's our little sleeper agent taking NOM down from the inside, lol.

James Lunaburg, NOM fan writes

It's time to overturn Lawrence v. Texas. It's time to lock up people that advocate immoral sexuality. It's time to lock up people that spread lethal sexually transmitted diseases uncontrollably. It's time to hold people accountable for adultery and sodomy again! It's time to take back marriage with every ounce of force and authority neccesary to get the job done! We won't be timid! Those that stand in the way of this tide beware! It's time to take back our nation in the name of God!

Yes, Brian, these people do feel that there's something very special about marriage. We just think they are very special, period.

Anonymous said...

Here we are, in a world where gang members have made America's streets unsafe for decades. Several different stories just in my Los Angeles County where a man murdered his entire family in domestic violence is a daily, if not weekly occurrence.
NOM manages to take the time to try and tell people that bringing a pair of nature's most lovable dogs is a PROBLEM?!
When, for the most part and considering how many gay people have endured anything from exemplary careers destroyed to brutal violence in the street, gay people manage to maintain very civilized responses. Like due process of law, the courts and showing up in t shirts that say "Can You See My Love?"
The movement towards equality has a storied legacy. Systemic bigotry and discrimination does not.

I guess NOM's representatives missed that time of change when women, blacks and gay people became more in charge of their own destinies and wrenched their self reliance from the jaws of inequality.
Well, I guess Brian Brown and Co have to feel like they are doing SOMETHING important, but picked a target that's not at war with them.
Inequality and injustice is the enemy, not gay people who are doing the right thing by their significant others and their children by marrying.
Indeed, how have the bans actually done ANYTHING to improve lowered divorce rates. Domestic violence, child abandonment, poverty and abuse?
The bans do nothing really.
But they serve the pathetic egos of NOM, and this exposition on the dogs just proves how there is no reason to take NOM seriously.
Empty vessels. All of them.

Meanwhile, those of us in the trenches for greater understanding and alliance WITH gay couples and their children goes on.
Their full participation in the rewards of their citizenship along with their responsibilities unites us with the best that history has shown.
Sucks to be NOM. So, SO on the wrong side of what's made equality such a great thing.

Bob Barnes said...

So Brian, you contradict yourself. : )

Jude Stevens said...

James Preece at least has the courage to say what he feels. That being gay is evil. Of course, it is not. But thank you Jams for revealing that you are hateful.

As for the dogs, give it up Louis. You look like a bigger fool now. When I see the hate and racism that shows up on your Facebook page, then come here and see you trying to turn dogs into weapons, I'm thinking you need serious help.

All in the name of God. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

The State Police, called by NOM to evict us from the rally, were there for ~10 minutes. After observing the situation and looking for signs of trouble, they said we could stay. The so-called "killer labs" were right up front near the Troopers. If the Troopers had seen them as threatening, they would have asked us to leave.

Jude Stevens said...

(Psst. Louis? You might want to look back at your first photo. See how it's from the waist down? See how no one can see that this man is a protestor? See now no one can see his shirt? Um, do you think that might explain the previous comments.

So, thank you so much for proving this man was a protestor. Other than that, you got nothing.

Bob Barnes said...

Just got word from Rhode Island... State troopers had to ask Brian Brown to stop harassing protesters.

Bob Barnes said...

Not to worry Louis, nothing you say is credible. We've got you covered!

Mel said...

Michael said...

A labrador is gathering. It's fur is dark. It's bark is strong. And afraid.

Sheila said...

Did I stumble on to The Onion's blog? This is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh, Paranoid Homophobe guy! :-D

Mel said...

They fell for one of The Onion's links once on Facebook pahaha

Bob Barnes said...

NOM pulling out all stops with their ugly behavior. So Brian, what does this have to do with marriage?


Does Tolerance Require Teaching Montana 10-Year-Olds About "Anal Penetration' ?

Forgive the vulgarity. But this is what Montana is proposing to teach ten-year-olds in public schools, so we guess we have to be willing to post about it. More evidence of the new regime's intentions. Parents in Montana are protesting what CNN describes as "gay-friendly progressive health-education." What does that mean?

Mikey683 said...

Hey Brian remember when I fucked you in that mens's room in maine? I know you loved it.

*just laughs* Love how Louis, who STILL has yet to show the balls to answer honest questions I posed him, uses me as an example of a manipulative homosexual activist trying to paint him falsely as a liar.

I'll concede he proved the dogs belonged to a protester. But in so doing he ended up FURTHER proving that the dogs were NOT there to be an intimidating threat. These new pictures he's posting do indeed show the dogs are with a protester, but they also CLEARLY show that the dogs are being kept a very safe and comfortable distance AWAY from the NOMbies in the "crowd". (If you can call 20-something people a crowd).

So in trying to stick it to me by proving the dogs belonged to protesters, Louis boy actually succeeded in proving me right about his general attempts to use manipulative photography to create scare-tactic deceptions, and in fact made himself look even worse. ESPECIALLY by screenshotting my polite, calm and rational comments and hoping I'll come across to his sheep as a mean old viscious bullying homuh-seckshual villain. Sorry louis, but you just keep stuffing your feet square into that big loud fat mouth of yours.

By the way, any chance of you growing some balls and publicly honestly answering my two simple honest questions yet? I'll refresh your memory.

1) Can you give me ONE logical valid reason, backed by NON-discredited science, (In other words, no studies from 30 years ago that are outdated and NO Paul Cameron research as it's been discredited by EVERY scientific body that matters), and that is NOT based in ANY religious dogma, how my marriage causes noticable irrepairable harm to society or you?

2) How many homeless children could you have fed and clothed with all the money you've spent fighting marriage equality?

Surprise me Louis. Grow the balls to answer these questions. Or prove everyone right about your hypocritical cowardice and continue to pretend they were never asked. I'm betting on the latter, you simply are too cowardly for the former.

Yes folks, I'm one of the most hateful members of the GLBT community Louis has ever come across. (Kinda gross fantasy there Lou, I don't like boys).

Why am I so hateful?

I'm hateful because I asked him honest intelligent questions he knew he couldn't give honest answers TO without admitting his bigotry, which he then so nobly dodged completely by insisting that because my lesbian marriage isn't real he has no obligation to answer me.

I'm hateful because I posted his tweets unedited to my blog and revealed how his blatant sidestepping and cowardice proved he was in fact a cowardly bullying bigot.

I'm hateful because when he attempted to make me look like I was intentionally misrepresenting him I told him point blank I'd post our ENTIRE Twitter exchange unedited in order for all the world to see IF he answered those two honest questions I posed him. He NEVER replied to me ever again until...

I'm hateful because I posted another blog yesterday, echoing my comments on his last blog, dissecting his manipulative photography and proving his dishonesty and distortions using HIS OWN PHOTOS, which upset him SO much that he made THIS blog entry to try and discredit me and ended up screwing himself as evidenced by the comments on this one. And in so doing he FINALLY tweeted at me again, solely to show me THIS blog entry, then again IMMEDIATELY began ignoring me to avoid answering my questions honestly.

And I'm so very hateful because the screencap he chose to use to highlight how hateful I am is as logical, calm, polite and intelligent as this one, clearly showing what a vile abusive dyke bitch cunt I must be for DARING to question the integrity Louis clearly doesn't have a single ounce of.

Gee aren't I so hateful exposing the poor victimized little homophobic bullying liar for exactly what he is? Oh how horrible of me!

Jude said...

Shamon, I want to be friends with you.

Well hey Jude! Go right ahead! Unlike SOME folks we won't name I give EVERYONE a fair chance!

Bob Barnes said...

Apparently this is a dead blog. Brian Brown can only work in an environment of controlled communications, much like the Nazis of the 40s.

You can catch all of his distorted rhetoric at the non-comment-accepting blog:

Inspector13 said...

traditional marriage: permission to have sex granted by a religious entity. that is what you mean so just come out and say it. but you can't can you, you would be laughed at especially maggie gallagher who got pregnant out of wedlock.

you people are just bigots who need somebody to bash since you can't own slaves or persecute the jews any longer.

Inspector13 said...

the nazi's treated gays just like the christian right does!

Pender said...

After you guys finish making gay people's marriages and children illegal, maybe next you could tackle the gathering storm of same-sex dog ownership?

Face it, two adults and some pets living together is basically an ersatz family -- the "camel's nose under the tent" -- and must be opposed for the same reason that gays cannot be allowed to enjoy ANY human dignity like spousal burial rights or health care: because otherwise those seemingly innocuous rights will fester and metastasize into the right to get married, thus dooming all Christians to Hell forever. You can read more about it in the Bible.

You know, something just occured to me. Louis boy made this entire blog post about the dogs in his laughably failed attempt to discredit me and paint me as a hateful liar trying to smear him, but did anyone notice he said not a single word about any of my other comments dissecting his photo-lying? Especially considering my analysis of the supposedly harassed "breastfeeding mother" who was smiling, NOT breastfeeding, and whose two older boys in no way looked like their mom was being threatened, to say nothing of pointing out both the NOM rv AND the capitol building at which the rally was being held were behind and to the woman's right and thus COULD NOT be behind the protesters who were supposedly blocking her view? And also how the completely different lighting suggests a different time of day, suggesting this photo was likely taken after the rally ended?

Funny, no angry blog entry about any of that, just about how he proved protesters owned the friendly elderly black labs that weren't intimidating anyone.

What Louis DOESN'T acknowledge says more about his deceitfulness than what he has acknowledged.

Keep up the bad work Louis, you're Gay Marriage's best asset.

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